Mead Ingredients

  1. Grandma's Honey Mead Kit

    Grandma's Honey Mead Kit

    Designed to make a good quality mead with balanced levels of tannin and acid with nm alcohol level of 8%, when combined with 2kg of liquid honey.

    Makes 4 styles: Sweet or Dry Still Mead, Sweet or Dry Sparkling Mead

    You will need 2kg of liquid honey, a container to ferment the honey and plastic bottles to store the finished Mead. Al other ingredients and detailed instructions are contained in this kit. Makes 10 litres of mead.

    Ingredients: Yeast, Nutrients, Fruit Acid & Tannin, Mead Yeast, Stabiliser, Sparkle Aid, Honey Flavour  Enhancer

  2. Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast Mead M05 (10g)

    Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast Mead M05 (10g)

    A high ester-producing strain conferring fresh, floral esters, especially when fermented cool. This yeast has high alcohol tolerance and ferments well over a wide temperature range. Suitable for all styles of Mead.
  3. White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast

    White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast

    Slightly fruity and leaves more residual sweetness than WLP715. This strain will tolerate alcohol concentrations up to 15%.

    Flocculation: Low
    Alcohol Tolerance: High (10 - 15%)
    Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 21-24C
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