The League Table

The League of Brewers League Table records the best scores presented to beers judged at our events. It is open to anyone, for any beer.

Current Top 10

Craig Boon 484
Adam Womersley 382
Justin Blackler 344
Colin Smith 333
Dan Hagenaar 267
James Inglis 255
Steve Scott 249
Hamish Dalziel 238
Des Ross 235
Olin Pilcher 199

The rules:
See the full league table and all qualifying scores here

  • The total score for each brewer is made up of their best valid score in each BJCP category
  • Scores are held in the table for 12 months after which they expire
  • Only scores of 20 points or more are included, unless a brewer tells us they wish to have a lower score included
  • First place in a category scores 15 bonus points, second place scores 10 bonus points, third place scores 5 bonus points

If you wish to enter a beer to be judged, this can be presented to League of Brewers at any time. You must label your bottle with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The beer name
  • The BJCP Category for the beer to be judged in
  • The ABV of the beer

You must supply at least 500ml of beer. All entrants will have their BJCP Scorecard made available to them after the event, to help you understand how your beer was judged and what to do to make the beer better next time.

Judging will take place at least every two months. Sign up for the League of Brewers email newsletter to find out the deadline for beers to be entered in for judging, and our Judging Opportunities mailing list to let us know if you wish to join in the judging event. Signup forms are at the bottom of the page.

Next event will be announced in our email newsletter. Have you signed up?

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