Hops from the USA
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Hops from the USA
  1. Newport Hop Pellets (US)

    Newport Hop Pellets (US)

    Newport Hops was released in 2002, and is an alpha hops used primarily for bittering in beer. Newport has an alpha acid rating at 14.5%-17.0% and has a high beta acid count at 7.2%-9.1%. Newport also shares in a very high co-humulone content at 36.0%-38.0% which can add some off flavors. Of the oils myrcene is very high, and itself carries an earthy citrus blend with tones of wine sometimes balsamic. Newport is best used at the beginning or mid boil for bittering purposes in beer batches.
  2. Northern Brewer (US) hops 100g

    Northern Brewer (US) hops 100g

    Northern Brewer (US) hops 100g
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  3. Nugget Hop Pellets (US)

    Nugget is a great bittering hop with a heavy herbal aroma and holds 70%-80% of its alpha acid content after 6 months storage at 20 degrees celsius.
  4. Palisade Hop Pellets 100g Palisade Hop Pellets 100g

    Palisade Hop Pellets 100g

    Palisade Hops borders the line on being a dual use hops, and it associated with beer styles such as India Pale Ales, but more for the complex but subdued flavor profile and aroma than the bitterness.
  5. Perle (US) Hop Pellets

    Perle is German in origin. Bred there from Northern Brewer and 63/5/27M in 1978, Perle has its parent's minty, pine character as well as the spicy, earthy notes found in other noble hop varieties.
  6. Santiam Hop Pellets (US)

    Santiam Hop Pellets (US)

    Santiam Hops is very much an aroma variety with alpha acid content ranging from 4.8%-8.4%. The beta acid in Santium nearly matches for this American variety that is commonly a substitute for German Tettnanger. With a low cohumulone of 18.0%-24.0% Santiam hops is compared to noble varieties. In the U.S., it is commonly used to decorate the fragrance of beer styles such as India Pale Ales, and American Pale Ales. Slightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics
  7. Simcoe Hop Pellets

    Simcoe Hops is a dual purpose hops with high bittering potential. The aroma in Simcoe Hops is complex, and this is part of what explains its popularity with bold hop heavy ales.
  8. Summer Hop Pellets 100g

    Summer Hop Pellets 100g

    Australian aroma hop variety that brings a promise of subtle, light apricot and melon flavours in a number of beer styles. Great for dry hopping.
  9. Summit Hop Pellets

    Summit hops derived from numerous plants including Zeus, Nugget and male USDA varieties. It is super high in alpha acids and at the same time a predominantly orange zest character, with grapefruit permeating. Some also get an intense tangerine aroma/flavour. It’s also a hop that pairs well with herbal hops added midway into the boil for balancing the bitterness backbone.
  10. Warrior Hop Pellets

    Warrior has significant bittering capabilities and adds citrus notes readily. Warrior's bittering ability makes it common in many IPAs and other hop-driven beers.