Hops from New Zealand
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Hops from New Zealand
  1. Waimea Hop Pellets (NZ)

    Waimea is a new New Zealand variety (2012), originally bred for high alpha and bittering qualities, but it is really a dual-use hop. It’s fresh-crushed citrus and understated pine characteristics are very prominent despite its high alpha content. It is useful across many different beer styles.
  2. Wakatu Hop Pellets (NZ)

    Wakatu has an alpha to beta acids ratio of 1:1, along with low cohumulone, accompanied by nicely balanced oils which give this an understated floral aroma atop fresh lime. Alpha acids average 9%, so it makes for an outstanding dual-use hop. It can be added at any stage of the process from first wort to dry hopping. It has also been noted for its flavor stability.
  3. Wakatu Organic Hop Pellets

    Wakatu Organic Hop Pellets

    A multi-skilled hop that consistently delivers from kettle to consumer. A true dual-purpose variety with an enviable alpha: beta ratio and oils profile. This all-round brewery performer gives excellent flavour and aroma shelf stability both in small pack and keg. It displays an intensity of aromas which selectors describe as fresh citrus akin to freshly zested lime peel. This is the organic version.
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  4. Willamette Hop Pellets (NZ)

    The king of aroma hops in the U.S. with its modest bittering value and the joyous harmony of flowers, fruit, earth and spice.
  5. Wye Challenger Hop Pellets (NZ)

    Challenger is English diploid cross X German Zattler variety. Profile similar to Northern Brewer but with reported better yields. A major commercial variety in England. Substitutes: Northern Brewer. Good Dual purpose hop, higher alphas than most English hops, a versatile kettle hop.