Hops from Europe
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Hops from Europe
  1. Saphir Hop Pellets (Germany)

    Strongly but pleasantly spicy with sweet, fruity overtones (citrus, red berries). Mild and approachable in the “noble hop” sense.
  2. Strisselspalt Hops (France)

    Strisselpalt is from the Alsace area of France, near Strasbourg. It is globally accepted as a good aroma hop with similar characteristics to Hersbrucker. Specific aroma descriptors include spicy, citrusy, floral, fruity and herbal.
  3. Styrian Golding Hop Pellets (UK)

    Styrian Golding is a hop variety with a confusing name because it doesn’t come from a Golding at all, but rather a Fuggle and has Fuggle-like characteristics. It was a major hops crop in the 1930s in its native Styria (in Austria on the Slovenia border), and has survived due to its tolerance to mildew which helped it to hold its own amid other varieties. It is now world-renowned and in high demand. It is a lovely aroma hop with high humulene and moderate myrcene and carophyllene. Even its farnesene, although low, makes its imprint on the aroma. The alpha acid content of hops will vary from batch to batch and may vary from the amount shown in the picture.
  4. Sybilla Hop Pellets (Poland)

    Sybilla is a Polish hop derived from a cross of Lubelski and Slovenian Styrian Golding. Very good aroma hop with high alpha acids. Comparable with German variety Perle or German Hallertau.
  5. Target Hop Pellets (UK)

    Target is an English hop commonly used for kettle additions in the brewing process for its smooth bite, and also for early aroma contributions. Target has created a following in breweries for its aroma that comes from the oil composition. It has distinct spicy, floral, sage and citrus characteristics.
  6. Tettnang Hop Pellets

    Tettnang is considered a noble aroma hop and has been compared to both Hallertauer and Saazer, but Tettnanger has notably more farnesene content than Hallertauer. They carry a distinct floral and spicy aroma, and, despite the low alpha acids (up to 5%), they are considered to have a balanced “hoppy flavor.”
  7. Triskel Hop Pellets (France)

    Developed in 2006 as a cross between Strisselspalt and Yeoman, Triskel contains many of the same characteristics as Strisselspalt but displays a more pronounced flavor profile. Specific aroma descriptors include strong floral, herbal, citrus and spicy.
  8. Whitbread Golding Pellets (UK)

    Whitbread Golding Pellets (UK)

    Whitbread Golding Variety Hops is a dual use hops that is commonly compared to Golding Hops. Commonly used in English and Belgian-Style Ales the bitterness is pure and crisp. The flavor from Whitbread Golding Variety s more pronounced than Golding and is sweet in its essence with fruit flavors. The aroma is mild and hoppy coming from the oils with a unique balance.