Hops from Europe
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Hops from Europe
  1. Challenger Hop Pellets (UK)

    Challenger is a dual purpose hop, used for both bittering and aroma. Its aroma is strong and spicy. Challenger imparts a fruity flavor and a clean bitterness when added early to the boil.
  2. Tettnang Hop Pellets

    Tettnang is considered a noble aroma hop and has been compared to both Hallertauer and Saazer, but Tettnanger has notably more farnesene content than Hallertauer. They carry a distinct floral and spicy aroma, and, despite the low alpha acids (up to 5%), they are considered to have a balanced “hoppy flavor.”
  3. Czech Saaz Hop Pellets

    Czech Saaz Hop Pellets

    Saaz has a very distinctive flavour. When used in beer, the resultant aroma is very mild, earthy, herbal and spicy. Despite its popularity and noble pedigree, Saaz generally has a very low Alpha Acid level and is not very effective as a bittering hop. This hop is generally used for Bohemian style lagers and pilseners.
  4. HA Hersbrucker Hop Pellets (Germany)

    Hersbrucker Hops is world renowned and sought after around the globe. Its mostly used for the finishing touches on German and Bavarian style Lagers and Pilsners, and has also made its place known in Hefeweizens, Dunkles, and Bock beers.
  5. Northern Brewer Hop Pellets (Germany)

    Northern Brewer displays pleasant pine and mint characteristics in dual purpose brewing applications, it is grown in the Hallertau region.
  6. Whitbread Golding Pellets (UK)

    Whitbread Golding Pellets (UK)

    Whitbread Golding Variety Hops is a dual use hops that is commonly compared to Golding Hops. Commonly used in English and Belgian-Style Ales the bitterness is pure and crisp. The flavor from Whitbread Golding Variety s more pronounced than Golding and is sweet in its essence with fruit flavors. The aroma is mild and hoppy coming from the oils with a unique balance.
  7. Sybilla Hop Pellets (Poland)

    Sybilla is a Polish hop derived from a cross of Lubelski and Slovenian Styrian Golding. Very good aroma hop with high alpha acids. Comparable with German variety Perle or German Hallertau.
  8. East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (UK)

    Goldings are a group of traditional and very popular English aroma hops grown prior to 1790. They tend to have a smooth, sweet flavour.
  9. Phoenix Hop Pellets (UK)

    Phoenix Hop Pellets (UK)

    Phoenix Hops is a dual purpose hops variety and has a well rounded character. With an alpha acid content at 8.5%-13.5% this variety can add some gusto to beers needing a hop kick. It is compared to Challenger Hops which has some spice to it. The aroma from Phoenix hops is tempered with an English style about it. The farnesene oil registers in this hops variety at 1.0%-1.4%, which itself is known for aromas such as magnolia flowers, citrusy, green, and woody. These notes are more subdued after blending with the moderate composition of the other essential oils. Crisp and mellow tones of pine, chocolate, molasses and spice characteristics
  10. Junga Hop Pellets (Poland)

    Junga was bread from variety Northern Brewer and Marynka and its typical bitter hop with big and heavy cones. Junga has very high bitter value and a good bitter quality like German Magnum but with nice aroma. Comparable with Nugget, Gelena, Chinock